Oil Rollers

Designer: Gypsy Soulz


Elicit those good vibes with our essential oil scent rollers.

Bliss Essential Oil~ Elevate your senses with this energizing blend! Bliss will awaken, re-energize, and uplift your spirit through-out the day. Take this with you for an extra boost!

Oils-Orange Oil- Calming, Uplifting,Boosts Mood. Lemon Oil-Elevates Mood, Clears Head, Encourages Intuitive Thought! Lavender Oil-Nurtures Creativity. Frankincense Oil-Emotional Balancing, Helps Focus Energy. Green Mandrin Oil- Positive & Uplifting. Cilantro Oil-Emotional Balance. Eucalyptus Oil-Improves Coping Negative Emotions.

Calm Essential Oil~Relaxes your senses with this calming blend! Calm will relax, reduce anxiety, restore, and balance your emotions into a state of zen. Take this Oil with you for some extra TLC!

Oils-Lavender Oil-Reduces Anxious Feelings, All Around Calming. Lemon Oil-Deep Sense of Well-Being. Pachouli Oil-Relaxes Emotional Center of Brain! Bergamot Oil-Balances Hormones,Emotions,Natural Anxious Release!

Focus Essential Oil~Ground yourself with this earthy blend! Focus will help balance your senses with grounding oils to help stay focused, and supported by our Mother Earth. Feel at ease everyday with this in your back pocket!

Oils-Frankincense Oil-"King of Oils" Feelings of Peace and Overall Wellness. Patchouli Oil-Grounding,Balance. Vetiver Oil-Grounding effect on Emotions,Immune Support,Earthy. Lavender Oil-Reduces Anxiety. Geranium Oil-Helps Calm Nerves, Lessens Stress.

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